Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 5
You don’t get to get me back…

Walking into school the next day, head held high but wary of slushees and rousing chants of “lesbian! lesbian!”, I find it surprisingly quiet. Everyone is keeping to their own lockers as I make my way to mine.

Sorting through books, I find the ones I need. Maybe I should go to the glee room, try to practice some things before homeroom.

I decide this is the best course of action and head there, minding the people in the hallways and especially looking out for the Neanderthal David Karofsky.

Getting closer, I hear music coming from the room. Wondering who would possibly be in there this early—it’s probably Mr. Schue trying to rap again—I instantly cringe and turn the corner. It’s not my glee coach at all, but Santana, singing Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird to…to Brittany.

Wow. That’s one of the most heartfelt things I’ve ever seen.

“And the songbirds
keep singing,
like they know the score…
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
like never before…”

Seeing it’s a private moment, I back up out of the doorway. Heading instead toward the auditorium, I decide I could get some reading done. There was still ten minutes left before the beginning of classes and I do not feel like spending time within anyone in this school, anyway.

Well, that’s not true either. I can think of one person I definitely want to spend more time with…No! No more pining for a lost cause.

Berating myself and wiping the tears out of my eyes, I make my way through the halls. Turning the corner, someone runs into me and knocks my book everywhere.

The jock barely glances back. Seeing it’s me, a look of disdain crosses his face. “Dyke,” he says, spitting at me as I lean down to pick up my things.

Instantly, tears threaten to spill yet again. Not because of the abuse. That I’m used to, it’s more the word that he had used. I don't want to be outed.

Great. I hope he thought of that all by himself and it wasn’t orchestrated by a certain blonde bitch cheerleader…

Feeling anger build up toward Quinn for what seems like the millionth time today, I slam my books together and pick them up, walking back the way I came. Looking up, I see exactly the person I want to avoid leaning dangerously close to Finn Hudson at his locker. Quinn was running her index finger along the length of his chest, batting those perfect—stupid—eyelashes to coax out a reaction from Finn.

Poor, easy, gullible Finn. Ugh, who cares? His brain capacity is the size of a pea, anyway.

Whoa. Where did that come from?

Thinking, I took a moment to make a list of attributes I dislike about Finn Hudson.

He never seems to want me—or anyone, really—unless someone else does…his thoughts are always about video games or food…his taste in music is atrocious…he forgot my birthday…he never seems to listen when I talk, never…Whenever I have an idea, he only likes it if everyone else does first…he’s really only nice when he wants something…

What a dick.

Admitting that Finn was rather dim-witted shook me from my stand still in the middle of the—why is there no one here?—hallway, and began my trek to the auditorium once more.

Glancing at them as I pass by, I see Finn lean down and kiss Quinn. She returns the embrace as I turn away as fast as possible, speeding up to almost running before launching myself into the bathroom on the corner. It was always deserted. I would go there every day to change out of my slushee-ridden clothes and clean myself up.

Now it is my sanctuary again as I feel the tears falling and my back slide down the length of the wall next to the door.

I know I shouldn’t get this upset, but given the amount of emotions I’ve had to experience the past few days, I feel validated in my pathetic sobbing body nearly lying on the floor of the far side girls bathroom ten minutes before homeroom.

Hearing footsteps approach, I panic, running into a stall and slam the door behind me as I hear the main door being opened.


My heart leaps to my throat. What is sh--?

“Rachel, are you in here?”

I see Quinn’s feet make their way further into the room and stop right in front of the stall I’m currently hiding in.

“Open the door, Berry. I know you’re in there.”

Sitting on the tank of the toilet, I rest my feet on the edges of the seat and vow never to open that stall door until she is long gone.

“Go away, Quinn.” I can hear the sternness coming through in my tone even though my voice is coated with the after effects of crying. Wiping my face, I stare determinedly at the door as though she can see through it.

In an even, unemotional voice, Quinn commands for the door to be opened once more. It sounds like her icy bitch tone is gone, though. Weird.

“No, Quinn. Go away.” I hug myself tightly and sit, feeling like the lamest person in exisistence at the moment.

Five minutes of this and she’ll get bored. Don’t understand why she’s in here in the first place…It’s not like anyone would believe me if I told them we made out. Yeah, right. Walking around this high school bragging about the fact that I'd made out with Quinn Fabray while she calls me a stalker? They’d see me as more of a freak.

“You don’t have to worry about me outing you, Quinn.” I say, listening for changes in her footsteps to indicate that she’s moving to leave. “I wouldn’t do that to someone. Not even you,” I add the last part, just to let off some anger toward her for what she’s put me through the last week.

Suddenly, I see both of her feet disappear and instead, hands and knees are touching the tile.

“I hope you’re decent in there,” she says, her voice muffled through the door. I see a blonde headed ponytail dance into view.

Apparently she’s not above crawling underneath the stall to torture me. Lovely.

Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 4
 My breathing has stopped, I think, as I watch the love of my life, Quinn Fabray, as still as possible in front of me. She’s standing with her back to me, but I know if I were to look into her eyes right now, those gorgeous bits of hazel would be near to overflowing with tears.

I can’t believe she’s going to pretend like nothing’s going on. Maybe that’s really how she feels…

“Quinn,” I repeat myself, thinking it will make her snap out of whatever trance she is in. “You need to talk to me. I need to talk to you. This has to be sorted out or I’ll go crazy.”

She still doesn’t move. I feel her shoulder shake slightly and I grab her to turn her body to face me.

Screw this avoidance crap.

I see her beautiful face stained with tears, the sadness evident in her features, but the hard look that I’ve seen for years in the hallways of McKinley High is still there, unwavering.

It was at that moment that I knew Quinn Fabray was going to break my heart.

“Quinn…” And then I stutter, tripping over my own words. “P-please don’t cry…”

“Berry. You need to leave. Right. Now.” The tone of her voice is like ice in my veins.

“No. Quinn, we need to talk about this…I need to talk about this! What were you doing? What are you thinking? Why is this—“

“I’m thinking that if you don’t leave this house immediately I’ll have to call the pound to have you taken away!”

That harsh voice cuts into me, maiming my soul. I refuse to let go of this.

“Screw that!” I shout at her, throwing her off balance in just a moment, allowing me to be aggressive.

“You care! You care and that’s why you’re freaking out!” I breathe out, watching her face twist in contortion, melding itself into something unrecognizable. I can only imagine it’s the perfect equilibrium of anger and anguish; all on those beautiful features.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says, voice as cold as ice.

I definitely pushed a button.

I smirk to myself, looking at her clench her fists and set on the borderline of breathing fire, all perfectly kept under the façade of a cool exterior.

“You want to do those, those th-things with me because,” I look down, hesitating to form the right words, and move my eyes back up to look into hers. “Because you like doing them! And you like me! I can feel it every time you touch me…”

I reach out my hand to grasp her arm and lightly touch forearm, trying to pull her closer.

Wrenching her arm free, she wipes off some of the remaining tears and looks me dead in the eyes.

“That’s disgusting. It’s immoral and I’ll have no part of what you and your family bring into this town.”

Standing there, breathing heavy and tear-stained face, I suddenly have no doubt in my mind that I’m right. And that even if Quinn wants to act on her feelings, her family-life has affected how she sees the world…and herself. Oh, the amount of convincing it’ll take to fix that!

I lunge at her, grabbing her face in my hands and pulling her close. Her lips are like heaven and I never want to stop kissing her, but it ends all too soon when she pulls away, but she stays close.

“And I care about you, Quinn. I like doing those things with you, too,” I say, my voice almost a whisper. I hesitate, taking a deep breath and looking at her still cold expression with its lingering look of curiosity.

“I’ve kind of loved you since eighth grade…” I look at her hesitantly, hoping for this to be some shocking moment where we both confess our undying love and ride off into the sunset with horses. Or at least get to make out on her bed some more.

But this is Lima, Ohio. And the blonde in question; none other than Quinn Fabray.

She pulls back faster than a jolt of lightning and runs into her bathroom, slamming the door behind her.


Jostled, feeling more stoic than I have in my entire life, I turn toward the door and leave, closing it behind me. Walking down the stairs and out of the house, my vision starts to blur. I reach my hand up to my eyes and realize my face is damp. I’m crying. The tears won’t stop as I make my way home, my head hung down, and I wonder just exactly how much damage I’ve done.

Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 3
 Remember how to put the light back in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed…

I never thought I would reach a point in my life where I’d want someone lying over me, kissing me senseless. Every boy I’d been with before always sort of annoyed me.

Finn was sloppy and he seemed to think he was accomplished with his mouth, when he really wasn’t any good. There was no way to teach him, either. I’d tried.

Puck, in the brief time I had spent with him, had been rough, clashing his lips against mine and grabbing my body too hard. I didn’t resent him for that night, but I sure couldn’t look back on it fondly or anything.

Sam was probably the best one. He had such an easy way about him. And his lips…his lips were soft, plush—there was a reason Santana had sung “Trouty Mouth” to him, after all. But he was still just a boy, and a boring boy at that, who was too ill-equipped to entertain me enough to ever pass 1st base.

This, on the other hand, was…There were really no words. The soft lips possessively kissing mine. Soft hands running along the length of my jaw, following the shape of my torso, just constantly taking me in, and it was turning me on. Berry was turning me on.

Rachel’s body draped over mine felt amazing. I had one hand firmly on the back of her neck, keeping her as close to me as possible, and the other was roaming, exploring her body. I pushed on her lower back, trying to get her hips impossibly closer to mine. I was smoothly running my hand along her t-shirt, caressing the side of her stomach.

I was reveling in the feeling.

I could stay like this forever.

Rachel moaned into my mouth, lifting her lips to place quick kisses before moving further down to first nip at the line of my jaw, then slowly moving to my neck, sucking on a sensitive spot. I groaned, pulling her into me more, wanting those lips on me constantly.

Slipping my hand up under her shirt, I feel Rachel’s skin. I hear her moan as my nails slide gently along her bare stomach.

“Wait, wait…wait,” she says, removing her mouth from my neck.

I groan loudly at the interruption, not wanting to stop. It felt too amazing to stop.

Looking up, I see her big brown eyes looking down at me. Her expression shows blatant confusion, but she still looks so hot.

Yes, I’ve admitted that I think Berry’s hot. It’s not like that was big news considering what just happened. What I want to continue…

“Wait for what, baby?” Hoping the term of endearment would get her to let me pull her back to me, I grip the back of her neck again to pull her down to my lips.

God, I needed those lips on mine.

It seemed to work. She moved her hips down onto me slightly and was starting to give in when she heard my voice, moving with my hand to capture my lips. I moan, slipping my tongue into her mouth yet again.

“No, no, no, no…stop, Quinn.” She was pulling away again, and I could tell by her tone of voice that she wasn’t going to give in this time.

Sighing, I look up into her face above me.

God you’re amazing, I think.

I see her blush and smile slightly.

Oh god, I didn’t just say that out loud…

“Thank you, Quinn. We need to stop though,” she says, rolling herself over and off of me to lie next to me on my bed.

Seriously? Why did I just say that out loud? I can’t think Berry’s amazing, I’m dating Finn. I have to date Finn. Mediocre, somewhat clueless, bumbling Finn.


“Quinn?” Her head moved to look at mine, my eyes staring silently up at the ceiling. I didn’t answer.

“Quinn? Please say something,” she asks, almost begging me to speak.

This was such a bad idea. She’s going to want confessions of love and happiness and double rainbows and…and I can’t do that.

“What would like me to say?” Quinn Fabray, the ever cold-hearted bitch was speaking.

I had to get Berry to leave somehow; might as well be mean to her sooner rather than have it get messy.

Can’t believe I did this again! But man…that was just…No! No, it wasn’t anything.

“Well, it would be nice to understand why we just ended up…making out…again. It doesn’t seem to make much sense. I thought you hated me and…”

“Who says I don’t, hobbit?” I feel tears trying to make their way to my eyes, but I hold them back.

She props herself up on her elbow, looking at me directly.

“Quinn, I need answers. I ca-can’t do whatever this is…I don’t think I could handle it.”

I turn my head to look into her eyes and instantly regret it. The tears I had been holding back spring forward and I sit up quickly, trying to get away from her as fast as possible.

She probably still saw them, though.

“Quinn,” she says my name and I know she saw me break. Her voice tells me everything. Placing her hand on my shoulder, she stands waiting for me to do or say anything.

It’s the longest silence of my life.

Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 2
I learned to live half alive
and now you want me one more time…


The big red numbers mock me from their position on the alarm clock currently resting on my side table. Lying on my bed, waiting for Rachel Berry. What a great use of my time.

I still can’t believe I kissed her. What was I thinking?

Raising my hand to my lips, I let my fingers linger there, recalling yesterday’s moment of temporary insanity. I’ll just explain that to her. That it’ll never happen again and she can just leave me alone for the rest of high school.

The doorbell shakes me out of my reverie.


And she’s even early. What a shock. Slowly, I roll myself out of bed and make my way to the door. I was beginning to get nervous at the thought of facing her. What if I lose control again and just attack? It was reasonable that it wouldn’t happen again, though. I mean, this was Rachel Berry. Not exactly a goddess of seduction. I should be fine. Right?

This is not a good idea, this is not a good idea. The sentence thoroughly chants in my head.

I open the door.

Yeah, definitely not a good idea.

Somehow, Berry has turned into a normal girl. Rachel, wearing jeans and slim fit rocker tee, smiling shyly with her bangs in her eyes, was standing on my doorstep.

What the hell?

My mind was racing. Rachel Berry…looking hot?? I think my brain just broke.

She cleared her throat and my attention was brought back to the present.

“H-hi, Rachel. Come in,” I said, holding the door open wider and gesturing for her to enter.

She smiled at me again and timidly, but purposefully, made her way into the house.

“Thank you, Quinn. I’m glad you actually answered it. I must admit I wasn’t entirely sure you were going to uphold your promise for today.”

I hesitated, sticking my hands in my pockets. How had she known? I had thought about just not answering, but it turns out I did have a conscience. That, and I knew she would never let it go until she got her chance to ramble on about it.

“Not that I’m not glad you did!” She moved quickly, thinking she’d offended me, reaching out to grip my arm. I step back, moving away from her slightly.

“Why don’t we go up to my room?” I ask, trying to get over the awkwardness I was feeling. Even more, though, I was hoping to keep her out of the way in case my parents were to come home unexpectedly. They weren’t exactly “jew-friendly”.

“We can talk up there.” I tried a small smile to help make the process go easier.

“Yeah, sure. Lead the way,” she motions, signaling for me to head upstairs.

“Okay. Want anything to drink before we head up?” I swallow, thinking of reasons to stall. Why am I so nervous?

My mind moves quickly and in a million directions. For some reason, I feel anxiety about having Rachel Berry alone in my room.

Well, this is certainly awkward.

“No, thank you, Quinn.” She offers that shy smile yet again, finding the floor very interesting after a moment. “I’m fine, but it was nice of you to offer.”

“No problem,” I answer with a smirk and quickly lead the way to my bedroom.

Climbing the stairs, I try to calm myself down. My nerves were making me feel like I was about to jump out of my skin any minute.

I stop outside of my door and wave my arm in a grand gesture. She walks forward and takes in the style.

Nodding approvingly, she steps further into the room and makes herself comfortable.

On my bed.

My heart sort of skips a beat and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

Get a grip! It’s just Rachel Berry.

I walk in and close the door behind me, silently sending up a prayer before turning around. I make my way toward my bed and sit down close to the headboard and simultaneously further away from Rachel.

“So…” She looks at me as though expecting me to initiate the conversation.

Don’t look at me, I didn’t even wanna do this.

“Okay, I’ll start.” She sits up, crossing one leg in front of her and focuses all her attention toward me.

“Quinn, yesterday when I came over here and certain things…happened, I feel like those things warrant a conversation, don’t you?” Rachel looked at me expectantly.

“Honestly? No. The only reason you’re here right now is because I figured you’d never let it rest until you’d talked about it. A lot.”

I couldn’t help the comment, but it was true—mostly. She was the only reason we were here right now. There’s no way in hell I would have asked for this.

“Well,” she said, looking down at her shoes, but quickly facing me again. “Nevertheless, we should talk about it.” Her voice became soft and I felt goosebumps snake along my forearms.

Seriously, what the fuck..?

“Alright, Berry. What exactly would you like to talk about?”

“Oh come on, Quinn. You kissed me. I feel like that deserves some type of ana-“

“Who says I kissed you?!” I didn’t like being accused of things, certainly not beginning a make-out session with, or taking advantage of, Rachel Berry.

“Because you did.” She looked at me, completely nonchalant and honest, as if daring me to say differently.

“I didn’t notice any protesting from your side!” I folded my arms across my chest and looked down at the bedspread.

Had I been too forceful? Maybe she was just being nice…Oh, god, now I’m going to feel awful if I had a freak attack on someone who didn’t even want it, but didn’t want to say no. I would never wanna be someone like Puck was to me all of that time ago. Maybe she was afraid..?

I couldn’t finish the thought.

My heart dropped into my stomach with a large clunk. I got up and started to move around, trying to get myself in check. Game face, Fabray.

I was angry. I didn’t know why, but I was angry. I begin pacing the room; if for no other reason than I was completely confused and angry, but annoyed because I wasn’t sure why I was feeling all of these things and reacting this way to what Rachel was saying.

“Quinn, I didn’t say that,” she said as she watched me pace in front of her, arms folded.

“I don’t even know why you want to talk about this! It’s not like it meant anything!! Like I’d ever be attracted to someone like you, Manhands!”

I whipped my head around, hoping to yell at her enough to get her out of my house, but making eye contact, I could see tiny remnants of tears threatening to build up and I couldn’t bring myself to speak any more.

“Please, sit back down.”

I stopped dead in my tracks, looking down at her.

Oh, what the hell? What happened to the Quinn that would crush Rachel Berry?

I sighed, flopping back down into the place I was before and waited.

“Quinn, I really just wanted to know one thing. Why?”


“Why did you kiss me?”

“Again, why is it that I—“

“Fine!” She looked frustrated, but didn’t break eye contact. “Why did we kiss?”

Looking at her, trying to think of some reason to get her the hell out of my house without talking about all of my feelings, I begin to notice that all the air in the room draining.

Oh no…

I start to breathe heavier, feeling the oxygen leaving my body, but my slightly gasping breaths not gathering enough air to replace it. Rachel, seeing something wrong, places her hand on my knee.

That doesn’t help at all.

“Quinn. Quinn, are you okay?”

I start freaking out more, trying to draw in air, but getting nowhere. She places her hand on my cheek, trying to understand what’s going on. Looking me in the eyes, Rachel starts talking about the photo hanging on my wall.

“See the house there in that frame behind me?”

I nod, still trying to gather air, but noting the building.

“See how it’s green, but the composition makes it look darker to match the forlorn tone of the picture?”

Wow, I’d never realized that before. I nod, studying it more closely.

“I especially like the daytime overcast to help spotlight that man, don’t you?”

Yeah, I’d always loved the tone of that photo…
Wait, did she seriously just do that?

She smiles, noting that my panic attack is subsiding. I look back at her and can’t help but smile a little myself.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” She backs away a bit, but still looks at me, biting her lower lip. “So…I suppose this means you’re not comfortable with talking about what was behind your actions yesterday?”

I stare blankly, not responding to the question. I honestly don’t know how to answer it.

“Okay. Well, I’m sorry that I caused that to happen Quinn, but I was just trying to understand what was going on. It’s my mistake for making assumptions…” Rachel trailed off then, not really finishing her thought.

I never thought I would see the day when Rachel Berry couldn’t finish a statement unless forced.

Rachel got up as if to move and I suddenly panic, thinking she’s headed to leave. Grabbing her arm, I make her stop. She looks at me with a look of uncertainty, mirroring all of my feelings in her facial expression.

I start to pull her back toward me and as she places a knee on my bed, I move forward and gently capture her lips with mine. Slowly, I kiss her, moving my hand to the back of her neck, pulling her closer to me.

I sit back down, maneuvering so Rachel can kneel in front of me and kiss her with more fervor. She responds, whimpering lightly as I glide my tongue over her lower lip. I pull her downward onto me, forcing her to straddle my lap and she moans, allowing my tongue entry.

The kissing becomes even more sensual and I feel heat flow through my body. My hands grip Rachel’s hips and she grinds slightly against me. I growl lightly in response. Her hands are at the back of my neck, pulling me impossibly closer.

Feeling the need to breathe, I pull back, gasping. Rachel’s eyes look into mine as if trying to catch a glimpse of my soul, questioning my motives with the sexiest look I’ve ever seen.

I pull her back into me, lying us down to get lost in one another.

Talking could wait.

Who Do You Think You Are?
I know I can’t take one more step towards you
‘cause all that’s waiting is regret…

I wait. It seems like I spend a lot of time waiting for that feeling to come back. Naturally, I had hoped it was a fluke and that it would never happen again. But then it did, when I saw her that next day in the hallway and I was lost for an explanation.

Rachel Berry. Really? No idea why I suddenly found myself with my lips on hers. Or why she'd even shown up at my house that night.

You know why, I thought. She found out you'd taken Finn back.

Ugh, and what a god awful decision that had been. It was necessary, though. I want the student body to fear me rather than pity me. Pity is weak. It is useless and has no right to be directed at me.

So I took him. As much as I never wanted to have to touch him ever again, I took him back. Out of Berry's grasp, and into my bed. Thankfully, he's easier to dissuade than Puck, who probably would have tried to get a lot more action out of the "making up" portion. Finn is too easily a pawn in the game of high school and I'm definitely someone who can play the game.

I can't believe that she would show up in the rain. Of all the dramatics Rachel Berry could accomplish, that had to have been in the top 10.


I opened the door to find what looked like a drowned rat in an overcoat.

"Berry," I said. "What are you doing here?"

She was shivering. I wanted to ask her in, but it seemed like an action that was a little too friendly for me.

"Quinn. Can I come in? If you haven't noticed, there is a bit of a downpour." Rachel looked at me like I was a godsend and Satan rolled into one.

"Yeah, I guess so."

I opened the door wider and let her in to stand on the rug in the front hall. Or drip, rather. Staring at her while she stood there, shivering, I was still wondering why she was here.

It's a good thing she lives close by, I thought as she steadily drip, drip, dripped on the carpet. It was only two blocks and still looked as though she'd been thrown into a lake fully clothed.

"Berry? Again. What are you doing here?" I ask. She seems kind of upset, although I have no idea why. Not that I know much about Rachel Berry...

Suddenly Rachel's head popped up and she looked me in the eyes. Her beautiful brown eyes burned into mine. Wait, beautiful? What?

"Are you back together with Finn?" Her question snapped me out of my momentary confusion and back to focus on her.

"Oh god, really Berry? Is this why you showed up here at 11 on a school night? To ask me about something you could have seen on Facebook??" I made for the door, causing a larger amount of distance between us, to open it and force her to leave. This was a ridiculous waste of my time.

I didn't need to answer to her. She should just leave me alone. For years, I had to deal with trying to understand why I was strangely drawn to her and chalked it up to hatred that never really had a reason.

It's probably because of her insecent need to be right. Constant, unwavering. Now she was opening up another issue. It's not like I care whether Finn Hudson rockets off of a cliff to a fiery death or lives to be 90. I need him to win that stupid crown, so I can be the stupid Prom Queen and make everyone stay afraid. I need some semblance of normalcy.

Rachel Berry standing in my house was not normal.

Marching in her diva stance to join me, I found her tanned legs particularly alluring in that skirt. This actually happened often. Every time I caught myself staring, I would just remember that it was comparison; all girls judged themselves by the looks of others, whether or not that particular other was Rachel Berry. Even though I never really looked at Santana or Brittany in quite the same way...

"Quinn. I want an answer. I have the right to know. Finn was in a relationship with me and you're somewhat of a friend and I think I deserve to know if you two are suddenly secretly dating." She huffed, crossing her arms against her chest and positioned one foot slightly ahead of the other in her stance.

I looked at her, tilting my neck slightly to make up for the few inches of height difference. I felt a sudden anger that I had never experienced before.

"I know that you think everything has to do with you, but believe me, Manhands, the world doesn't revolve around Ms. Rachel Berry."

"I have every right--"

"You have no right! When are you going to understand, Rachel? You're not the one who gets the guy and has the white picket fence in Ohio?? That's not you and you need to accept it!"

Why do I have tears in my eyes? I thought, suddenly. You know why, Fabray.

Rachel stepped back slightly, a look in her eyes I couldn't quite place. Could she see that scenario was my future and that I hated the thought of it? If Berry's pitying me now, I swear to God...

"Don't look at me like that! Why are you constantly in my way?? Just leave me in peace!"

I felt my face flushing in anger and hot tears threatening to spill down my face. Where is all of this emotion coming from? I thought quickly before focusing my attention back to the girl in front of me. She backed up a little more and I saw her hit the countertop.

I could make her fear me again.
I could revel in it, I thought.

So I moved closer, looming over Rachel Berry. Something took hold of me and I no longer had control over my actions. So much that I had repressed in the past year was bubbling up to the surface. This only seemed to happen around Rachel, but usually I was under control. Now it was making itself known. I moved upon her so that there was no space left between the two of us and she brought her hands up to push at my shoulders.

Surprisingly strong, I thought, quirking my eyebrow at her, impressed. She looked breathless, shocked, but only a little bit afraid. I grabbed her to make her stop pushing at me and before I had realized what I was doing I felt her plush lips against mine. Soft, pillowy goodness that I was ravaging. I didn't have control for this and felt a moan emerge from my throat that somewhat resembled a growl.

Rachel's lips suddenly moved in response to mine and I felt hands move from my shoulders to my back, pulling me closer. I grabbed the back of her neck with one hand, feeling strands of wet hair in my grasp, and the side of her jaw in the other, pressing myself even closer to her. I heard a whimper and ran my tongue along her bottom lip, instantly receiving the reaction I craved.

Plunging into her mouth, I smoothly combined our tongues for a deep, sensual kiss. I was ravenous, taking dominance in this kiss. Listening to Rachel's whimpering moans only fueled my desire. I felt the grip on my back strengthen and two hands pulling my sides to force my body impossibly closer to hers.

I pushed her harder against the counter, feeling the need for air as I did so, and let go, still pressing our foreheads together while gasping for more oxygen. I swiftly moved my mouth down to her jaw and lower still, to her neck, nipping at the skin there. I heard a loud moan as I adjusted my thigh to place between her legs.

Suddenly, I snapped out of it.

Pushing myself away, I was in horror of what I had just done. Rachel was still pressed against the counter, her hair disheveled and her gorgeous lips with a slight swell to them. Eyes half-open, she appraised my appearance as well, with a dark, sensual look still directed toward me. 

What the hell??!

"Leave," I said, noting the huskiness still evident in my voice.

She seemed to come to her senses with that one word.


"Leave. I don't need to repeat myself."

There was a beat. She didn't move and neither did I. We stood, encased in time.

"No," she said. I loved the way her voice sounded right now.


"No," she repeated. "I refuse to leave. Particularly at this very moment."

"Get out!" I yelled halfheartedly.

Thank God my parents aren't home.

She started moving toward me. I backed up, feeling the door hit in me in the back.

Nowhere to run now.

"Quinn...don't you think we should..."

"No! No, I don't think we should do anything. I think
you should leave."

I put my arm up in some type of defense to Rachel, who was getting closer to me. She put her hand on my arm and looked at me with an expression that was completely vulnerable.

I think that was the moment I truly fell in love with Rachel Berry.

"Fine, Quinn. But we should talk about this. I'm coming over tomorrow evening. It's a Friday, you can tell your parents that you're having a sleepover or something."

She looked at me expectantly. I wanted to tell her that I'd rather die than have to talk to her more than necessary, but I just nodded instead.

"No need. My parents won't be home, but you can still come over. I doubt I could stop you anyway," I said, trying to regain my normal speaking voice.

This huskiness was doing nothing for my libido and I was still kind of turned on. I wanted to be harsh toward her. It was too weird to be nice after what had just happened. Rachel's voice was, of course, still in that lower octave and driving me nuts.

I ran my hands down the front of my jeans to get rid of the nerves and found them damp because of Rachel's stupid coat. Stupid, stupid coat. I looked back at her. She looked like she was waiting for something. Finally, she looked down.

"Okay, well...I'll see you tomorrow then. I'll be over around...six?" She looked back up nervously, her facial expression hesitant and I felt a familiar zing shooting around in my stomach as her eyes locked with mine.

I nodded.


She squishily walked the short distance to the doorway and pushed the outward door open. Taking one look back at me, she disappeared into the dark, damp night.


And now I'm here. It's five thirty, and I'm waiting for none other than Rachel Berry. I so do not look forward to this conversation.

Occupational Hazards
The tall, confident brunette strolled into the office as the elevator shut and set down her fashionable purse. Her heels had made enough noise to disturb the woman she worked with, who was leaning over her desk at the moment.

Perfume told her who the person was, not that she really questioned it once Kendall had set her huge monstrosity of a purse on the glass table.

Surprised it didn’t shatter, thought Greenlee.

She let out a small scowl at the thought and instantly saw Kendall’s form stiffen out of the corner of her eye.

“Yes…?” Kendall stood, waiting for Greenlee to pay her any attention.

She can’t even give me a hello in the morning. How the hell is this gonna work?

“Hm?” Greenlee looked up to see Kendall in a form-fitting dress and her hand on her hip; poised and ready for a fight.

Oh no, sister, not this early in the morning.

“What?” asked Greenlee, feigning ignorance. “Did you need something?” She added the edge to her voice that always seemed to make its appearance when Kendall was within 30 feet of her.

Kendall, knowing the tone, looked skyward, slightly shaking her head.

“Nope. I’m good, Greenlee. You just stay focused.” She waved her hands in a pushing action forward and clapped them together before turning around and walking back to sit down at her own desk.

“Impossible,” Kendall muttered as she sat down.

“Excuse me?” Greenlee was looking up at her business partner, daring her to repeat the mumbling.

“What? Did you need something?” Her voice was cutting; it reflected the annoyance she felt at having to be in the same building as Greenlee Smythe.

Something about the woman made her emotions skyrocket and she never knew just how she would react to Greenlee's constant need to put her in her so-called "place." Kendall was just going along with the bullshit. She’d done it long enough now, why not keep up the tradition?

“Kendall…I am trying…to get work done,” sniped Greenlee with a short, curt nod of her head and a plastered on smile that Kendall always hated.

“Unlike some people,” she added, looking superior and moving back to the designs she was examining.

“Oh yes, Greenlee. But please, don’t exert yourself. Wouldn’t wanna break a nail,” said Kendall, sarcasm dripping from every word.

They left each other alone for a while, seemingly enthralled in the jobs they were supposed to be doing. Of course, both of them felt their gaze leave the desk in front of them and look up at the other several times in the span of an hour. Each one thinking about the other. 

I can’t believe I’m working with her, they thought simultaneously as Kendall got up to grab some supplies.

“Um…Greenlee?” Kendall looked over to see the brunette slowly turn toward her with a look of disdain.


“Where’s that wax paper?”

“What?” Greenlee looked dumbfounded.

“The paper, Greenlee." Kendal sighed as she ran her hand through her hair. "Remember? I asked you specifically last week to order more wax paper because we needed it to test out the new line today.”

Greenlee looked as though she had no idea what Kendall was talking. Finally, the curly haired woman saw Greenlee's face
suddenly light with realization.

“Yeah, that paper.” Kendall smiled smugly and nodded slowly walking over to Greenlee’s desk.

“You completely forgot it, didn’t you?” She laid her hands flat on the desk, leaning over and supplying her business partner with an ample view of cleavage. Greenlee felt flushed and looked up, making complete eye contact with her business partner, who continued to stare at her with a superior smirk plastered on her face.

Sometimes she's just too fucking cute for her own good, thought Greenlee. Oh shit, where the hell did that thought come from? 

She almost smiled but stopped herself just in time.

Greenlee’s disposition suddenly changed. She shrugged and turned back to the samples lying on the surface in front of her.

“You should have just ordered them yourself." She covered her mouth as she spoke, resisting the urge to giggle. "Not my fault you’re too damn lazy to fill out a shipping form.”

Kendall’s eyes began to bug out of her skull and she looked ready to commit murder.

“You said that I couldn’t order it because you were the only one able to authorize it!”

Greenlee sighed and lowered her head as if to lean it against the top of the desk. She looked back up toward Kendall and feigned a look of sympathy.

“Look, I know it’s hard with me in charge of everything. You must feel so powerless when you have to ask me for help, but really? Authorize a shipment of paper?”

Greenlee’s smile resembled the one of the Cheshire Cat. She made a movement as though she was concerned about being overheard and leaned one arm around Kendall’s shoulders while the other made small jabbing movements.

“Were you kicking back some of those dirty cosmos before you came into work that day?”

Suddenly, Kendall grabbed Greenlee’s arm and gripped it tightly. She spun them around and smashed their bodies against the wall. One hand pinned down an arm, while the other had a firm hold on Greenlee’s neck.

Kendall was done playing Greenlee’s stupid little game.

In Uniform: Chap 10
Soft lips were lightly feathering kisses along the back and side of her slender neck. Strong, loving arms were gripping around her torso and lightly, but possessively gripping her abdominal area, partially hanging onto her hips. A tongue glided across her flesh as she struggled to regain her bearings. Her eyes were fluttering open, pushing her back into consciousness. The lovely caresses on her skin and the pressure applied to the back of her throat was wonderful. It was a light and sensual aftermath of an extremely fulfilling night of sexual pleasure and she reveled in the feeling of being so satiated and, above all, safe in Olivia’s arms.

“Good morning, Ms. Rivera,” said a husky voice into her ear. “You’re a bit early for turn down service, but I don’t mind.” Olivia nibbled on Natalia’s earlobe, causing the woman to shudder in her arms. Natalia rolled over a bit towards her lover and playfully smacked her upper arm.

“You can quit the boss act now.”

“Hey it’s your fantasy,” said Olivia in a dangerously low voice. “But I have to tell ya, I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

The comment earned another light smack, which Natalia followed up with by placing several casual kisses on her love. She turned fully to face Olivia and deepened her kiss.

Rolling over, she pinned Olivia’s arms to the bed above her. Gripping her wrists, she held the woman in place below her and ducked her head down to nip along Olivia’s jaw bone. She slowly rotated her hips and ground her sex down onto Olivia’s. Opening her mouth wider, she sucked on the skin while running her tongue along in the same motion. Small circles pressed into soft flesh, causing Olivia to arch her neck out fully, giving as much access to Natalia as possible.

Olivia tried to lift up her arms to touch Natalia, but strong hands held firmly to her wrists. “Uh uh uh,” breathed Natalia into Olivia’s neck. “I’m the boss right now.”

She used her lips to suck and nipped on the flesh below her. Olivia felt herself let go and just let Natalia have control. It was a wonderful feeling. Grinding hips sought each other again, hot bodies intertwined and touching. Nails gripped her and dug into tender skin, causing Olivia to moan as Natalia moved her mouth slowly down from neck to collarbone.

Their bodies melded together as closely as possible, rotating hips seeking more pleasure. Natalia moved her head up and bit down lightly on Olivia’s lower lip, running her tongue across it, then letting it return to its proper place.

Seeking more, she descended to Olivia’s right breast, sucking in a nipple. A low moan was heard above her as taut arms pushed for freedom. Natalia held her down firmly and grazed her teeth against an attentive bud. Biting down lightly, she swirled her tongue around Olivia’s nipple, flicking it at intervals.

Her mound was still in contact with the woman beneath her, but she refrained from fully putting herself against the other to achieve passion too early. She wanted Olivia to come, screaming, as her hands caused the undoing of the beautiful woman beneath her. Opening her mouth fully again, she sucked the breast beneath her, finally releasing and moving her attention to the other side of the gorgeous body. Nipping and sucking, her mouth reveled in the feel of the soft skin below her.

She gripped her wrists tighter around Olivia’s and glided her hands down the silky skin of the captive arms as she moved her body down further to nibble on delectable flesh. She looked up directly into Olivia’s eyes, seeing the lidded, lustful gaze focused on her and only her causing her body to quiver.

“Stay,” she said in a low voice and pushed down on the limbs below hers just to emphasize the point.
She slowly retracted her hands as her mouth made its way down to Olivia’s sex, brown eyes never leaving emerald ones. Breathing in Olivia, she quickly dipped her head down to set to work. Olivia’s body jerked in reaction to her tongue swiftly making its way between her hot, wet folds. She arched her back to gain more contact as Natalia lightly traced extremely soft flesh, content to let Olivia enjoy a slow burn.

All of her attention was focused on the licking and sucking in order to bring her lover to a climax, nibbling at just the right places. She expertly avoided Olivia’s clit, trying to bring about as much want as possible. Looking up quickly, she could see Olivia’s body arched upwards, her fingers entangled in her own hair.

Knowing that Olivia would heed her command she dipped back down and continued her excruciating teasing, feeling the wetness seep out more and more. Moan after moan escaped Olivia’s lips and made their way to Natalia’s ears, urging her on. Her hands found themselves encircling muscular thighs, stroking and caressing the skin, kneading it with her hands as her tongue continued its path.

Long strokes traveled slowly up Olivia’s lips, then shorter ones applied pressure just below the bundle of nerves that was throbbing for attention. She traced downward and twirled her tongue around the opening in front of her, tentatively making her way into Olivia.

A quick intake of breath and a groan of pleasure could be heard and Natalia continued, moving slowly inward and then withdrawing a few times. She moved away and again ran a slow stroke that ended just below the place Olivia was aching to be touched. Hands had found themselves in the sheets at the sides of her vibrating body now, no longer able to stay in their place above her head as the wonderful touch continued.

Natalia gripped her hips and jerked her forward, suddenly and rapturously consumed by the need for Olivia. She devoured the flesh beneath her, licking and stroking before quickly making her way up to her clit and clamping down on it, sucking hard. Olivia came at that very instant, bucking wildly and arching into the touch.

Screams filled the air at the contact. Natalia held on as the orgasm swept through the body of her lover, wave after wave cascading as she shuddered in the aftermath of the climax. One last lick and Natalia returned to connecting Olivia’s body to hers.

Encompassing the lovely Ms. Spencer in her arms, she lightly kissed her neck and squeezed her tightly. She placed her head into the crook of Olivia’s neck and both of them slowly descended into much deserved sleep.


In Uniform: Chap 9
Natalia lay panting, slowly trying to regain her breath. She was tracing intricate patterns along Olivia’s bare back. The heat had dropped from urgent and lustful and had instead found its place, simmering just below the surface. She felt thick locks move from her body and leaned her head down slightly. Seeing Olivia move her mouth towards her nipple and feeling the hot breath on her exposed flesh made her moan out in pleasure.

It was a languid touch, content to savor the skin for as long as it liked. Olivia rolled her tongue around the bud and gripped it lightly with her soft lips. Teasing circles that Natalia could feel all the way down to her toes made her crave for more. The hot mouth moved from one breast to the other, continuing its actions. A needing hand moved towards the neglected left breast and squeezed it, rolling the nipple with dexterous fingers. Natalia moaned out again as teeth lightly scraped across her attentive bud.

She ached for more and arched her back into the touch. The mouth opened wide and sucked around the entire areola while a skilled tongue flicked over it again and again. Natalia’s eyes widened and her hands searched to curl themselves into amber tresses, willing Olivia to never stop.

The movement continued, while Natalia rolled her hips upward into a waiting body. The hand and mouth switched positions yet again and the woman moved her hips once more, searching for much needed contact. Fingers moved upwards, caressing her neck, soon followed by Olivia’s mouth, sucking and nipping languorously. Hands clasped at both sides of her neck and Olivia’s mouth connected with hers once more.

A soft tongue darted outward and rolled along her lower lip, seeking entrance. She opened her mouth, granting permission. They battled for dominance in the kiss, tongues caressing one another, seeking position amongst the other. Natalia would not mind in the least bit if Olivia won, though. She felt the tongue seek along her entire mouth, hands moving slowly on her breasts, kneading flesh and pinching nipples.

Olivia broke free, both women panting, their chests heaving against each other. They were both now rolling their hips toward one another. Olivia grimaced and stopped moving against Natalia, moving her body downward to again place her mouth on an enticing throat.

Her mouth moved down slowly, raking itself against soft skin. Soft hair followed down with Olivia, Natalia feeling it trail along her body. Olivia licked and sucked briefly at each nipple once again then progressed down to Natalia’s luscious stomach, sucking and biting on the skin. Her tongue moved across the softness while her mouth left a kiss every few seconds.

Natalia’s head moved backwards into the pillows once again, her body arching upwards into Olivia’s, needing her to travel lower and satisfy her lust. Her hands urged Olivia to move her head downward and to give her a much desired release, but the mouth that was so close to tasting her remained unhurried.

Hands trailed along her breasts to her abdomen and finally moved around her body to cup her ass, pulling her upwards into Olivia’s upper body. Strong thighs wrapped themselves around Olivia and feet gripped her back, pulling her down onto Natalia’s hot center. Her mouth continued its torturous suction, nipping at skin around Natalia’s navel.

Moving devastatingly slow, she made her way towards Natalia’s wet center. Olivia could smell her arousal and breathed deeply as the aroma hit her. Natalia arched upwards, seeking contact, feeling as though she was about to implode if she wasn’t touched soon. Strong hands gripped her thighs, pulling her into Olivia even more. She watched Olivia’s head dip slowly towards her sex, eyes closed in rapture of what awaited her.

Her head flew back as she felt a strong tongue begin low and at a torturously slow pace, stroke up the entirety of her full lips. Natalia let out a long low moan and felt her entire body tense in anticipation.

A soft, warm mouth opened and surrounded the bundle of nerves that was achingly sensitive for touch. Olivia suckled, rolling her tongue around the sensitive area, pushing Natalia to the very precipice of control. Urging hips bucked upwards which caused Olivia to move her hands and clench toned thighs, holding them in place.

The suckling continued, making Natalia shake in utter need. She was so close to release she could feel it in every nerve of her body. The slow circular movement made around her bud did not help to achieve what she so desperately wanted.

Suddenly, the tongue flattened and flicked across her in several quick, hard strokes.

“Olivia!!!” She screamed, arching backward into the bed, gripping amber locks as if her life depended upon it. As waves crashed over Natalia’s body, Olivia did not stop the attention being paid to the most sensitive area, but instead increased speed and swirled her tongue in different directions. She was causing tremors all throughout her lover as she continued to moan gratefully.

Natalia, reaching climax once more, felt as though her body was on fire and would never recover from the endless pleasure she was receiving. Panting, moaning, biting her lower lip she felt fingers move up to Olivia’s chin and glide along her, gaining moisture and becoming very slick in a matter of seconds.

As Olivia hovered just along Natalia’s opening she continued lapping her tongue in the most sensuous way. She slowed her movements, but only enough for Natalia to slightly relax before she thrust into her, sucking the bundle of nerve endings. She grazed it lightly with her teeth while at the same time finger-fucking Natalia into another state of blissful build up.

Natalia could only feel what Olivia was doing to her and could not help but to urge the mouth along by crushing the soft, luscious lips harder to her. Olivia increased the speed of her two fingers and began rhythmically sucking on the center most of her attention.

Thrusting in and out, deeper and harder, Natalia could feel herself getting close to climax. She was completely out of body, too lustful and completely fulfilled already, yet being satisfied once again. Seeing stars in front of her eyes she snapped them shut tightly and focused on the center of her happiness; Olivia.

Forceful digits slammed into her and hips ground down gratefully into them in return. It hit her quickly. She felt her body shudder and buck wildly as she came all over Olivia’s hand, screaming her lover’s name once more before slowly returning her body to the bed and as she descended down into the soft mattress, she was enveloped in darkness.

In Uniform: Chap 8
Lust filled green eyes disappeared for a brief moment as the fabric was lifted up and over Natalia’s head. She could see the desire in Olivia’s eyes as they swept over her naked body. Olivia leaned down onto her elbows and parted Natalia’s legs with one of her own. Natalia felt luscious lips capture her own and a tongue glide its way across her lower lip.

Olivia pulled away slightly to bite down lightly on that same lip. She grasped it between her teeth and softly pulled it out, biting down a bit harder and then letting it go. She received a low moan in gratitude. Their bodies were intertwined, every nerve on their body acutely aware of the contact. Every inch of their body sensitive to the fact that soft skin was touching their own.

Breasts were in contact, the women feeling the lushness and taking it all in. Hips, thighs, stomachs; all were melded together to seemingly form one person. Each was on high alert at the feeling of touching the other and they never wanted to leave the position. They were still kissing, Olivia’s tongue plunging into Natalia’s mouth, sucking unhurriedly, but desiring more. Olivia had one hand on her neck, resting just against Natalia’s collarbone, while the other lie parallel to her neck and head, using the elbow as support.

Olivia moved slightly and brought her right hand down to squeeze Natalia’s breast. The moan into her mouth from the woman beneath her turned her on even more and she began increasingly moving her thigh against Natalia. It wasn’t rushed, but slow rhythmic grinding that made Natalia so wet, yet nowhere near the edge. Natalia’s arms were on Olivia’s back, one clutching the middle, the other moved its way down to cup Olivia’s ass, encouraging more action.

Slow but lasting movements made Natalia moan into Olivia’s mouth several times. She could feel herself getting wet from every sound she heard and every movement she made against Natalia. Olivia moved her head down, sucking and licking at Natalia’s nipple, gently biting down and pulling it forward with her teeth, letting it rebound back.

Natalia brought her hand up to push Olivia’s head back to her breast, silently asking for more. The sweet torture continued, Natalia releasing low growling noises as Olivia sucked on her nipples and slowly rocked her hips in a circular motion, stimulating Natalia with her thigh while simultaneously exciting herself against the hot body beneath her. She was increasing pressure, but it wasn’t by much and Natalia became more in need of release. The woman beneath her had no idea how much of a slow burn she had in mind.

The build up was excruciatingly sinful and Olivia was in no hurry. She pushed herself up a little and ran her tongue from one nipple to the other. She bit down tenderly on one, then put out her tongue and stroking, licked back up from between them to Natalia’s neck. She sucked below Natalia’s jaw line and then moved to the crook where a delectable shoulder met an enticing throat.

Natalia could still feel Olivia’s thigh and was very aware of how wet she was becoming. Not knowing exactly what move to make next, she just lay there, reacting to Olivia’s touch. She was desperate for satisfaction. She needed release so badly, but it seemed that Olivia was definitely taking it slow. She felt Olivia’s hot breath on her neck just before the soft bite was made on her shoulder. She cried out, and attempted to more vigorously push herself against Olivia’s thigh. Her lover just smirked and lightly kissed Natalia’s lips, continuing her pace.

The kiss deepened and Olivia traced her hands faintly across the side of Natalia’s breasts, down to her clenched stomach. Finally placing her right hand on Natalia’s thigh and her left just below her knee, she moved up to sit on her knees, their bodies still remaining very close. Olivia was continuing her excruciatingly slow pace, lightly rubbing a faint circle behind Natalia’s knee. She used her fingertips to trace indistinctly over the skin while simultaneously increasing the pressure of her thrusts against Natalia. The loud moan was reward enough, but the full fledged whimper that was heard just before a hungry mouth leaned upward and nibbled her lower lip sent her over the edge. She could not tease any longer, being too turned on to survive it as Natalia’s tongue flicked against hers inside her half-open mouth and moisture pooled between her thighs. Olivia moved back up and onto her knees fully again, pressing hard with her thigh, touching the hot, wet sex.

The circular motion began to grow tighter in width and faster in tempo. Olivia didn’t increase enough to cause an orgasm right at that moment, but it was getting closer. The delicious taunting was driving her crazy, making her want nothing more than release.

Olivia leaned over slightly while still grinding herself into Natalia and grasped her breasts, squeezing them and enjoying the loud groan she received in response. Her thumbs traced over hard nipples and she lightly pinched them while once again increasing speed and pressure.

She pushed onto Natalia as hard as she could, suddenly gripping her breasts extremely hard and slamming herself against the body below her. Natalia couldn’t stop whimpering. She began to moan as Olivia pressed herself down harder, ensuring that Natalia came. Hard.

A light sheen of sweat lightly covered their bodies and Olivia was using all of her strength now. No holding back. She wanted so badly for Natalia to lose all control. To be the one that needed to satisfy the beautiful woman’s needs. Natalia’s hips were pushing up towards Olivia to their own accord, grinding uncontrollably, searching for the contact that would finally send her over the edge. Moans of lust filled the room, the scent of sex hanging with them. Olivia could feel the wetness that was pouring forth from Natalia.

Natalia couldn’t help but be supremely turned on at how wet Olivia was while fucking her this way. Olivia was groaning into the feeling of Natalia’s sex pressed against her thigh, trying to push Natalia over the precipice before she came tumbling down with her.

Dark brown eyes looked up into hazy emerald ones and she could feel Olivia’s hands grip her hips and use them to navigate Natalia’s body towards herself, pulling her in and causing the contact to be even harder and faster. Her body was gripped and taken control of, feeling the sensation of her wet core rubbing up against Olivia’s shapely thigh.

It was so fast. So hard.

Strongly being pulled towards an unrelenting force.

Thrusts hard and forceful against her.

Hands entangled in sheets. Head thrown back, buried into the pillow.

Panting, moaning, crying out in need. Grinding, rubbing thigh pushing against her.

It felt so good. She was nearly there. Olivia pressed against her in a series of extremely hard and fast strokes, while pulling her closer. She felt her entire body clench in orgasm and screamed out Olivia’s name as wave upon wave of heat and passion consumed her.

Her body was shaking in ecstasy as Olivia continued movement against her, feeling herself building up another orgasm. She could tell that the other woman was extremely close to hers as well. Arching into her hard, she was panting and thrusting, giving every ounce of strength to make Natalia come again.

Just as Natalia heard herself moan out the name of her lover again, she wrapped her thighs tighter around Olivia and felt the other woman buck hard against her. Looking into gleaming green eyes, she watched the orgasm ride through her. Arching her back, she rubbed herself against the source of her pleasure while absorbing the movements that were still pushing against her, making the climax last as long as possible. They both finally slowed their actions, gradually lessening the pressure. Olivia laid herself full against Natalia once again.

Need a minute, she thought with a naughty smirk, her head resting between Natalia’s breasts. Then round two…


In Uniform: Chap 7
Natalia brought her hand up to Olivia’s face and stroked her cheek. She looked at glazed over, half-lidded eyes and smiled softly. Feeling the heat still radiating between them, her arousal hadn’t even begun to be satiated.

Fingers moved down the length of Olivia’s body and traced along her skin. Smooth flesh quivered underneath her touch as she softly touched Olivia’s stomach, the muscles clenching at her movements. Finally making her way to a hip bone that was slightly arching up into her body, Natalia moved her hand devastatingly close to Olivia’s sex. She heard a gasp and intake of breath as she lightly traced her fingers over Olivia’s mound and into her hot center, tantalizingly slow strokes toying with Olivia, until Natalia slowly pushed two fingers into her.

A low moan took up the entire space of the room and Natalia began soft, slow movements. Thrusting at an excruciatingly slow pace, Natalia took the opportunity to run her mouth along Olivia’s neck, nipping and flicking out her tongue as she traced a path from just below Olivia’s jaw line down to her collarbone and finally made its way to gently grasp a hard nipple.

Natalia moved her legs, straddling Olivia’s thigh and began to ever so slowly pick up speed with her plunging fingers, pushing slightly harder as well. Her mouth focused its attention to the other nipple, while her free hand kneaded Olivia’s right breast. Strokes became deeper and harder. Natalia placed her thigh behind her hand that was slowly fucking Olivia Spencer senseless and increased the pressure exponentially. Olivia cried out, gripping Natalia’s back, nails digging into her skin.

Olivia was clutching to her as if nothing else mattered but the attempt to meld their bodies as close together as possible. Natalia moved her mouth up from the full breast and nipped once again below Olivia’s jaw line, feeling her pulse point and sucking, all the while increasing the speed and depth of her fingers that were being used to fuck Olivia.

Breasts were rubbing up against one another and the contact felt beyond wonderful. Natalia could hear Olivia panting and releasing stray moans, which increased as she began to thrust harder and harder. She moved her body fully against Olivia’s, pushing with all her strength and as fast as she could.

Harder, faster, she sucked on Olivia’s neck and bit down lightly, pushing her body, grinding down onto Olivia’s. A gasp and shuddering beneath her finally made her realize that she achieved her goal and as she hears Olivia Spencer scream out her name with so much lust in her tone, she can’t help but want to hear it again.

She slows a bit, but not entirely, giving Olivia a little time to recover. Looking down into gorgeous emerald eyes, so filled with admiration and desire, she can’t help but to begin to move her fingers a little faster once again. Olivia’s eyes open wider as she realizes what Natalia’s doing and an attempt to open her mouth in some form of protest was held back by a loud moan of ecstasy.

Natalia began fucking Olivia harder and faster than ever, making her strokes as long as possible by pulling her fingers all the way out, then slamming them back in. She watched Olivia’s head roll back onto the pillows below her and hands grip the comforter beneath them.

“Venga por me…” she breathed heavily into her ear. “Come for me, Olivia…” As soon as the words passed across her lips, she felt Olivia’s body arch into her, shuddering.

Loud moans—virtual screams—filled the air and Natalia decided that she had never heard anything sexier than Olivia Spencer screaming her name during an orgasm. She lay on top of Olivia’s gorgeous body for a few minutes, waiting for her to recover.

Suddenly, Olivia grabbed Natalia by the hips, flipped her over, and gripped the hem of the sexy maid’s uniform that was most certainly going to be used again. “This is coming off.”

Sexy, smoky green eyes looked down at her in a fire that matched the one ignited within herself.



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